Simple Steps to Scrapbooking Success

Ola art lovers! Thank god it’s Friday. Weekend is almost here, and I get to do all the scrapbooking I want. To an ardent crafter like me, there is nothing more engaging then working on a scrapbook or stamping or journaling. I just love it when I get to see the look on my clients faces when they see the final product and they go like “How do you do it Kaya?” and I just smile knowing it’s another day with another job done well.

Today I’d like to emphasize what I always say- Scrapbooking is an art, it’s not just sticking photos haphazardly on some printed paper and writing few lines. It is a well planned crafting strategy which is made up of the following steps:-



Select a Theme-

Figure the mood of your scrapbook. Does it have a sombre tone or a witty one? Visualize who or what purpose are you making it for and identify the theme accordingly. For Eg- If I am doing a scrapbook for a young kid who loves animals, I would put in a lot of vibrant props and embellishments that depict animals and their life. On the contrary, if I am doing a 60th birthday book I would do a timeline format noting all the important happy moments of the person, or excerpts of memories from significant people in the person’s life. Theme can also mean the look of the book- a colourful scrapbook or a vintage looking book etc.

Pro Tip- Choose whether you want 1 photo on each page or a group of photos on a page. This always helps build the theme better.


Paper Coordinates-

Once the theme is in place, the background should be in sync i.e. the paper coordinates. Like if you are doing the child’s book you might want to use brighter colors versus a more sombre one for someone elderly. Or if you are doing a scrapbook for your baby son you would want to avoid using pink or feminine colors as the background. Also, the photos you choose play a crucial part in evaluating the paper background as well. Try to use paper co-ords that provide an apt background for the photos to stand out well on. If the photos are not your emphasis then maybe use more creative printed backgrounds to get the focus on them. Limit to 3 colors as it gets a pattern in place.

Pro Tip- Keep color rules in mind and gauge the photos well before choosing your background.

Step 3

Photo cropping-

The pictures can be used in various manners. They can be cropped in various shapes and sizes to add a design element to the page. Also you can eliminate whats not needed by cropping pictures.

Pro Tip-Crop pictures to various fun shapes and sizes to add that extra jazz!



Step 4-

Matting photos-

Sometimes when you want to give your pictures a 3D or embossed feel, you can matt pictures by adding card paper behind the pictures. This gives a more prominent definition to these.

Pro Tip- Layer one or many papers to create a textured feel.

Step 5-

Layout page-

The layout of the page can make or break the look and feel. The layout should be such that it goes with your theme, gives each embellishment, caption and picture its due moment and doesn’t look very cluttered or dysfunctional.

Pro Tip- Keep in mind all your elements while creating the page layout

Step 6—

Creating titles-

Choose the tone of your wordings and make your titles, captions, tags and hashtags accordingly. You can be witty, sound nostalgic, do quotes, funny hash tags, movie dialogues , limericks etc . Also place them around relevant pictures as it will help tie it all down nicely.

Step 7-


If your scrapbook is a dress, embellishments are the accessories that accentuate the look of your book. Add in stickers, stamps, memorabilia , fabric cut outs etc to dress the book to impress!

Pro tip- Use embellishments that stand out with the background paper and the theme of the book.

Happy Weekend Scrapbooking!

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