Hello my crafty friends!

Hi all you gorgeous people!
It’s time for some scraptivity after a long hiatus.
Today, I’d like to talk about what is scrap booking and break the myths surrounding it.. Yes, a scrap booking is a serious hobby and no, it’s not just some pictures and quotes all over.
Scrap booking in an enthusiasts jargon can sound like poetry but to a layman I’d simplify and say scrap booking is part Art, part memories, part creativity and part memoir that can be used for multiple purposes. It serves from being a gift to a keepsake or a memorabilia. Scrapbook albums are often decorated and frequently contain extensive journaling. Scrapbooking is a hobby commonly practiced in many parts of the world.
I have been scrap booking since years and the elated feeling it leaves me with is where I’d bask in eternity.!
Pssst.. Did you know scrap booking is an ancient practice much much older than anyone you know?
In the 15th century they were known as commonplace books and had everything from pictures, recipes, quotations , et al and more which reflected the personality of the person making it and held a place of pride in their study. 19th century saw women making scrapbooks representing their everyday life. 20th century saw visitor books, better crafting styles and photographs and slam books- a new spin off on scrapbooks.
The 21st century has seen an information overload with way too much details and usage of digital tools to keep information in place. But call me a 90’s woman, I still prefer the art of keeping books and little treasures in between their pages to muse at. There’s nothing like the real thing and a smell and feel of a book beats it all. I often joke “I’ll buy a kindle when it smells like a book” so u know what I mean.
Today scrapbooks are making a comeback simply due to the over usage of smartphones and information overload and nostalgia! Scrapbooks have higher value in this era as in this world of quick and easy, anything taking time and efforts has more incentive. So with this wisdom, I hope you are motivated enough to get scrapping. Happy scraptivity my crafty friends!

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