Ten expert design tips for your scrapbooks

Maybe you’ve been experimenting with digital scrapbooking–a simple page here, some text and photos there–and you’re thinking about ramping up your efforts and taking on a more creative project. Maybe your parents’ 50th wedding anniversary is getting close, or you want to do something special to remember your trip to the 2010 Winter Olympics. Here are ten tips to help you bring a designer’s eye to your pages.–

1. Know what you like. Keep your own scrapbook file folder or Internet folder of scrapbook pages you like. Notice the color scheme, the fonts used, the way embellishments are placed. Pay attention to small details and consider how the elements that jump out at you might add that special something to the pages you create.

2. Use your resources. Whether you use a digital scrapbooking program or create your pages in your favorite image editing software, you’ll find a wide variety of resources online as well as in printed books and magazines. Software programs like iScrapbook (4.5) and PrintMaster (4.5) both offer online sites with scrapbooking kits of papers, embellishments, and low-cost templates you can purchase.

3. Keep a clear focus. Know which element is most important on your page and create your design so that all other elements support it. For example, if a large photo in the upper right corner of the page is the focal point, place and size your text, embellishments, and shapes so that they enhance–not detract from–the larger image. This gives the page a sense of balance and clarity and helps viewers to focus.

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