Festive scrapbooking: Monthly meeting at library even includes potluck

CHESTERTON — With miniature hammers, long needles and various edged scissors, more than 20 people recently examined one anothers’ families.
No surgical gloves or antiseptics were required for this operating procedure at the Westchester Library Service Center in Chesterton. Items being cut and altered were photos and memorabilia representing special moments in the lives of those at the scrapbook gathering.

Brads, ribbons, eyelets, inks, templates, markers, pens and other embellishments highlighted the history and progression of family members and friends. Some made greeting cards, various projects or just came to chat.

The monthly gatherings often include a potluck meal. This month, participants brought in Mexican food: tacos, rice, olives, deep-fried cinnamon crisps and desserts.

Westville resident Sarah Hill worked on a semicircular shaped, chipboard book. She used clear rhinestone gems, hearts and other items to adorn papers of various pink and brown patterns. On the cover, she affixed a keyhole charm. An old-fashioned key was attached to the spiral binding with a pink ribbon.

“It’s a chocolate-kisses theme,” Hill said. “It’s going to be for my husband for Valentine’s Day. I’ve been scrapbooking for about nine years. At first, it was just stickers and pictures. The more time goes along, the more ideas I get from magazines or my own creativity.”

Kara Bogoslawski of Michigan City created a similar shaped book. The musical theme resulted in quite a different feel. She chose black paper to which she added pewter guitars. Other embellishments included a bright-green clip, miniature safety pin and more. A skull-and-crossbones button was placed atop a pink flower.

Bogoslawski said she started scrapbooking about a week or two ago.

“I’m already addicted; I didn’t ever think I would be,” she said. “I just put things where there are empty spaces. I never know what it’s going to look like.”

Rhonda Lohse of Valparaiso used her materials to decorate a Starbucks Frappuccino container. She said she plans to fill each bottle with a different type of candy and give them as Valentine’s gifts.

“Before, I made caramel-apple kits out of beer six-pack containers,” Lohse said. “I decorated the box with scrapbook paper of fall colors and apples. In the empty squares, I put caramel, sticks and apples. That’s how I recycle.”

By Janna Odenthal
Post-Tribune correspondent

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