unique christmas gift

great gifts for christmas . create afamily portrait to give your loved ones Do it yourself scrapbook kits with christmas themesavilble for the season.

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  1. ragsnehali says:

    I came across your article through http://www.Trendy.in newsletter.. and got excited to see the scrapbooking studio opened in Mumbai.. I am from Mumbai too now residing in USA.. I am an avid scrapbooker.. checkout my blog at http://ragsnehali.blogspot.com and let me know if I can help you in anyway..I sell my creations on various online avenues..
    Best wishes..

  2. keepsakesindia says:

    saw you blog its cool. love your creations.
    am so happy to hear from you.
    where in the states are you.
    yes , i would like some help in purchasing in wholesale. how do you procure your materials.
    do you visit mumbai often..

  3. ragsnehali says:

    Thanks. I am in NJ. I purchase my materials from different sources – mostly craft stores ( when they have sales ), sometimes online & sometimes from expos, warehouse sales etc. I don’t have wholesale account with any company as I find variety in local stores like Michaels, AC Moore etc. and I don’t need them so much in bulk.
    I don’t visit india that often – may be once in 2 years or so..Last time I was there in May 2007..I went to wholesale market last time I was there ( forgot the name but I think it was near Kalbadevi – I can check it if you are interested ) & scored big time on rhinestones, buttons, ribbons, ric-racs etc. which i got for pennies compared to the retail prices that I have to pay here.. I also found very nice quality handmade mulberry papers in big sheets so got few rolls of that too.. I get all my paper supplies from here in US but few of the embellishments from india..
    what kind of clients do you mainly get? mostly kids or all age? how & where did you learn scrapbooking 🙂
    let me know how u want my help.. my email is : ragsnehali@yahoo.com

  4. keepsakesindia says:

    Hi , I will be In new york from the 26th march . please can you guide me for the purchases.

  5. ragsnehali says:

    Sure, you can check the website of the craft stores online to check the location near you –

    Michaels –

    A. C. Moore –

    JoAnns –

    You can also sign up for their mailing lists to receive 40% – 50% coupons. All these stores have coupons available most of the times.

    These are few big box craft retailers.. You will also find nice selection at scrapbooking aisle at Target, Walmart etc.

    Let me know your location ( where in NY ) and I can tell you a few specialized LSS ( Local scrapbook stores ) as well.

    Give me more specifics in order for me to help you. I can give you popular brands etc. & what to buy from where once I know what you’re looking to buy and your budget etc.

    Please feel free to contact me at my email id above, let me know your detailed plans like products that you are interested in purchasing, budget, how long & what all places you will be visiting, etc.

    I am more than happy to help!


  6. keepsakesindia says:

    thanks for the useful info. I will call you once i come to New york. email your phone number to me please.

  7. ragsnehali says:

    sorry for late response..just got back from vacation..send me your email or drop an email to me on my email id for my contact info..i don’t feel comfortable sharing phone # on public platfrom..

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