unique christmas gift

great gifts for christmas . create afamily portrait to give your loved ones Do it yourself scrapbook kits with christmas themesavilble for the season.

Scrap booking is part science

Scrap booking is part science (use of paper, ink,-),part art (lettering,placements,photochoices)and mostly sentiments-memories,family.Someone who has scrap booked has committed to investment of time, money and THOUGHT. They care.

Happy scrapping

We love fashion, we love food, we love art, we love good living, we love to travel, and we love people— Life is journey, full of pictures, people, places, stories and good memories. Happy scrapping!!

Create Photo Collages within 2 hr which can be framed and put up on your walls or gifted as memorable unique keepsake. Ready and packaged according to theme. Buy ready coordinated Kits-available with Keepsake Design Studio.